Lee Chess Club is open to 50 Lee students, in 1st through 6th grades, who meet on Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:00pm in the Lee Library. The 2018-2019 Chess Club will meet for 29 sessions during the school year from September through May. Kindergarteners will be considered for membership if spots remain open after priority is given to 1st through 6th graders. 

Club members receive expert instruction at the beginning of each session and should expect to sit for a 20-minute lesson at the beginning of each club session. This is the time that students learn strategy and develop their skills. They will then pair up for the remainder of the session in guided play. Alternating weeks, the club members will participate in intra-club tournaments and year-end awards can be earned for top performances in each grade. All members will receive a club t-shirt. It is important that parents and students alike understand that Chess Club is for students eager and excited to sit and learn about playing chess strategically. 

Our first session is Thursday, September 6th.

Our club will continue to be coached by area chess expert, Jim Fleener. No prior-knowledge of the game is required to join Chess Club. The student requirements to join are a desire to learn and play, an understanding that sessions with begin with a 20 minute lesson and a willingness to adhere to the rules of the club. Parents of club members are asked to volunteer AT LEAST once during the year at Chess Club. Duties at club include helping to set up tables, set out chess boards/pieces, help sign kids in and out and clean up after club. Additionally, parents are asked to bring snack for the group (50) one time during the school year. Sign-up is done through

Chess Club is limited to 50 members to maintain a manageable group for instruction and play. 

If you have any additional questions about Lee Chess Club please contact Chess Club Chair Liz MacPhail at  


Parents are asked to help by signing up to bring a snack for 50 for one session and volunteer at one chess club.
The time requirement is 2:45 - 4:15.
Duties at club include helping to set up tables, set out chess boards/pieces, help sign kids in and out and clean up after club. 
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