frequently asked questions
about chess club

Does my child need to bring anything?  Chess boards and pieces are provided. Snacks will be provided by a parent volunteer at the end of each session.  If your child has a food allergy or dietary restriction, please provide them with their own after-school snack.

How is my child released from Chess Club?  No child will be released from the library or the classroom until they have been signed out by the parent/guardian that is listed on their registration form. After 4pm, the library will be closed and a parent volunteer will take the remaining children to the front office to wait for pick up.  Children in Lee onsite aftercare will be escorted back to aftercare by a parent volunteer. You may give written permission for your child to leave on their own (see Liability Waiver).

Is attendance kept?  Attendance will be kept throughout the year. Parents/guardians will be informed if students have been missing chess club or have been making a habit of being late.  All members must remain in the Lee Library during sessions except to use the restroom, get a drink of water, or be released to their parent/guardian.

Can my child try chess club before registering?  Because of the level of interest in Chess Club registration, we can not hold spots.

I am signed up for snacks; where should I deliver them and what should I bring?  Snacks can be delivered directly to chess club or dropped off in the office. We are not able to store snacks on site at Lee between club meetings. Snacks that are popular with the members include oranges (cuties), apples, bananas, chips, goldfish, granola bars, crackers, etc. Please do not sending cookies, sweets.

I don’t know how to play chess.  Can I still volunteer?  Yes!  Our parent volunteers are crucial for Chess Club to run smoothly.  Some of the volunteer duties involve handing out snacks at the end of club, helping maintain a quiet playing environment, setting out name tags, handouts, chess boards, and helping parents/guardians pick up their children.